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Which IDEs Do We Use To Write Your Java Code?

Remarkably there are IDEs which are very much sophisticated for Java programming, Below are some of the IDEs that our Experts use mostly to write your JAVA programs for you:

  • Eclipse IDEEclipse is written in Java. It is one of the IDE which is mostly used for Java programming development. Also, it can be used for developing applications from other programming languages as well by installing a plug-in in Eclipse. It’s very easy to download.
  • NetBeans IDE – NetBeans is a free, “open source” program. It’s a pure Java IDE that runs on any system with Java 1.3 and above.

These were the 2 most popular IDEs for Java at present.

Other IDEs used for Java Development

  • Borland J Builder Personal Edition –  It is for Solaris, Linux, macOS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT. The recommended memory is 256 MB and it requires a lot of disk space.

It has a lot of features for most of the programmers. Also, it’s Personal Edition is free to use.

  • BlueJ– Mainly used in most of the institutions for education purpose, this Java IDE which is written in Java help lot of student to learn Java.
  • J Creator –  J Creator is only available on the Windows operating system. It is asserted that J Creator is faster than any other Java-based Java IDEs in the market. It’s a nice lighter-weight IDE that works on top of Sun’s SDK.

There is a free version and a shareware version, available at J Creator website.

  • Mac OS X Project Builder – It comes as a standard part of Mac OS X (on the Developer CD). This IDE supports Java as well as some other programming languages.
  • Our Java programming assignment help or Java Projects experts will use IDEs of your choice. You just have to mention it and we do things according to your wishes.


Definition of Java from the developers “Sun Microsystems” is as relevant today as it was in 2000:

“ Java is a simple, object-oriented, network-savvy, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture-neutral, portable, high-performance, multithreaded, dynamic computer language “

It promised “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA), providing no-cost run-times on popular platforms

Java is vast, it is everywhere. There are two categories in Java :

  • Programming Language
  • Platform

Confused whether it is a Programming Language or Platform?

The answer to you is it is both. Yes, you heard it correctly. Java is both, a Programming Language as well as a Platform.

There is a general notion that Java is a programming language. It is partially true. Java is a technology.

Java as a Platform:

It has its own runtime environment (JRE) and API which makes it a very know platform as a platform is any hardware or software environment in which a program runs.

Java as a Programming Language :

This programming language is used to develop the different genres of applications like a web application, windows application, distributed systems, etc.

Java Programming Language is further divided into the below categories:

  • Java SE (Standard Edition): This edition provides the API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) for the core functionalities of Java programming language. These functionalities can be Inheritance, Encapsulation, and other OOP’s concepts. It’s the most popular edition for the budding Java developers. It is most commonly known as Core Java in the Java fraternity. Java SE is a prerequisite for learning other editions of Java.
  • Java EE (Enterprise Edition): This edition provides API for developing high-end web applications that are scalable. Basically, it provides libraries for web services, servlets, JSP’s, etc.
  • Java ME (Micro Edition): This edition provides the API for developing mobile-based applications.

Java Project Help

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